Zen and the art of CAN Bus Devices

The code is never perfect, but it always gets a little better. The new 1.02 firmware for the MX5 NC Cluster Commander is nearly complete with a load of new features - Mode 22 current gear displays, additional automatic transmission decodings, a new Menu system, and power retractable hardtop support! The NC and RX8 share a common codebase - and updates to one eventually flows into the other. In the last RX8 update additional warning lights were enabled (like critical low oil pressure and very high coolant temps). The RX8 will be receiving the new menu system and additional Automatic transmission covers soon. The last known issue - dealing with P0650 MIL Indicator Malfunction - should be solved with the latest hardware and will no longer need to be disabled by HP Tuners.

There's some work being done to support the AEM Infinity ECU's - thankfully the canbus data is already well documented, but the Odometer will need to be calculated at by dead reckoning.

The next big project is working on getting paddle shifters operational. 

Though really - at some point - I should probably code less and make this website more functional.